November 12, 2010

Vanilla is ok

     Ok, some people think that everyone needs to live out the lifestyle 24/7. Well, me i can't. Don't get me wrong, some part of me would love to be able to, but alas, i have 3 children and cannot live it out physically 24/7. So, when there is time, and W/we want to scene W/we do. Does not mean that every part of O/our relationship isn't based soully on the underlying D/s relationship and W/we don't live the mental aspect of it. Of course, i am His submissive, and He is my Master.

     Even on that, W/we love to go out and do all the vanilla dating things. W/we love to enjoy books, movies, talking, watching tv, kissing, and mostly holding hands. i love these things with Him. They all make me feel important and that He needs me in His life. Just in everything i do, it always goes back to what i know He would think and what He would want.

     You know what, yes, He has done these things with me a lot earlier than you. Sorry it took Him 2 weeks to kiss you, and me the first date. Oh well. He does things with me faster than her, and He wants me more than her, or so i hope.

sighs...anyways, the vanilla life that W/we lead when O/others are looking is perfectly fine with me.

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