September 29, 2010

submissive/slave's prayer

As a submissive/slave, we do not have many things that are ours. When we give ourselves to our Ones, then we give Them everything. This here is a prayer for all submissives/slaves who need a little extra encouragement sometimes.

Grant a girl the strength to submit herself completely...mind, body, and soul.
To hide nothing and pour forth all that she is, and all that she is capable of becoming at His hands.
Grant her the courage to trust Him completely, even when she doesn't understand.
Allow her to draw from His strength so we may always stand united as O/one.
Allow her the wisdom to know when to listen and learn, and when to speak her mind with respect, honor, and devotion.
Allow her the confidence to conquer her fears and grow to embrace them.
Allow her the strength to endure His discipline in the spirit it is given and learn from what it offers.
Allow her to experience love in its most pure and raw form, and how to love Him as deeply in return.
Allow her heart to experience pain, sadness, and grief so that she may know what true happiness is.
Teach her to overcome her obstacles and rise above each challenge set before her. Bestow upon her the faith to find inner strength when things are their darkest providing comfort, peace, and solitude to her family.
May our hearts beat forever as one, so this girl will always know His needs, anticipate His wants, share in His Joy, and shed tears in His sorrow.
Fill her with the passion to gaze into His eyes each morning, and see Him for the very first time.
To bring a smile to His lips as she blushes under His eyes.
Remind this girl to be happy for this moment... For this moment is her life.
And may she always remember how far W/we have traveled together...And how far W/we have yet to go.